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Advertising through a Chamber of Commerce and Industry is always beneficial since it reaches a direct targeted audience. It eliminates reaching out to audience that would not even care for your goods or services.

The Indo-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry being the premier body for promotion of business opportunities between India and Iran, it pays to advertise across the various medium that the Chamber offers.

This would give easy visibility for prospective buyers and sellers between both the countries. We could offer various mediums for advertising including through the web, on brochures, catalog and through banners at various seminars and conferences etc.

This would ensure your products and services reach the targeted audience, thereby helping you easy accesses of a key market like Iran or India.

Our members are mainly large organizations with significant business presence in these countries and your advertisements would only help reach your audience directly. Our rates are also attractive considering that it would open up enormous business opportunities for you.

Remember, that trade between India and Iran is only rising, which is why you should not miss out on such a great opportunity.

By advertising with us, we could also extend certain other privileges on an exclusive basis to companies like you who are regular advertisers.

We could consider special discount on certain communication packages. Moreover, a free advertorial could also be considered. Such an advertorial could be hosted on our website or through a e-newsletter from time to time.

You can advertise on our portal, which offers numerous advantages.

Remember, a chamber portal is often visited for its the record that it stores, valuable community information and several hundred members. Advertisers are almost always assured that the visitors and the content being provided to them is reliable. This largely fits into the objectives of many advertisers goals to reach a very specific marketplace.

For more information related to advertising you could kindly write to us on – or send an email or contact us at. We look forward to hearing from potential advertisers who would like to take part in growing trade ties between India and Iran.


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