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The backbone of any Chamber of Commerce and Industry has to be its Board of Directors. Here is where Indo-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry scores. The Board of Directors comprise a team of well qualified professionals that are capable of providing services to firms and companies and which can enhance trade ties between the two countries and hence business prospects. The board members have rich experience in diverse businesses and are highly accomplished in varied spheres. Take a look at the very seasoned Board of Directors.


Syed Afham Raza, President

Mr. Syed Afham Raza is the President of the Indo-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mr. Raza holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with a rich experience of more than three decades across the Middle East Region and India. He is presently the Managing Director of Arshan Building Products and was also the Managing Director of Ferrocement Advance Construction, Tehran (1993-1996). Mr. Raza has a rich experience across industries including civil engineering, agriculture etc. In Iran he designed & constructed the largest ferrocement slow sand filters in the world. The first air balloon technology for construction of domes in India was also introduced by him. Mr. Raza can also be credited with designing and implementing the tallest Minarets of Bangalore, the Khadriya Masjid.

He has also held several prestigious positions and in a few cases he continues to do so. Among these are:

• Executive Director, Al-Mahdi Centre (1980-1988).
• Raza’s Education & Welfare Trust (Reliance Public School, Bangalore) since 1994.
• President for three terms (1996-2004; 2006-2010) at Imam Khomeini Medical Trust.
• Secretary since 2005 at the R. R. Foundation Trust (Noble School Alipur).
• Patron of Anjuman-e-Jaffariya, Alipur since 1995.
• Executive member since 1996 at the Zainabiya High School, Alipur.
• Chairman of Education committee, Ascent Foundation, Bangalore since 2010.


Mohsin Ali Vakil, Vice President

Moshin Ali Vakil is the founder of Vakil Housing Development Corporation. Folks living in Bangalore will tell you that Vakil Housing has become almost synonymous with premium residential plots. In fact, the company has developed a whopping 8.8 million square feet of premium residential plots. Vakil has gained tremendous brand equity thanks to well developed premium residential plots that are dotted with landscaped gardens, flower beds, trees, fruit orchards in addition to comforts such as clubhouses, gyms, swimming pools and mini golf courses.


Anwar Sharieff, General Secretary

Mr. Anwar Sharieff spearheads Icon Petroleum Corporation. The Icon plant was initially owned by Castrol India Limited. However, in the year 2005 the Lube Blending Plant was purchased by Icon Petroleum. The manufacturing facilities were modernized and expanded substantially absorbing the latest technology and quality standards.

Icon today supplies a variety of lubricants to many major users in Road Transport Organization, Electricity Boards, Steel Industries, Fertilizer Plants, Thermal Plants, Power Industries, Rubber Industries, Cement Industries, Mining Industries and many more industries in Public Sector and State Undertakings. Mr. Sharieff’s experience with Icon will prove valuable at the Indo-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Dinesh Shetty, Joint Secretary

Mr. Dinesh Shetty brings along a wealth of experience in agricultural products as a promoter of Ponalab. This company began as a manufacturer of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides in 2006 under the financial assistance from Government of India, as a strategic venture alongside the agro products. Ponalab also delved into animal feed products and enzymes for poultry
and cattle. As a part of this expansion, Ponalab also acquired Dhisha Seeds, a manufacturer of
High-yield and disease resistant hybrid seeds.

In 2008, Ponalab campaigned for better crops saw the establishment of a dedicated unit focused on insect pheromones and insect traps, registered as Ponalab Bio-Growth. Mr. Shetty and his group of companies are now highly accomplished and profitable entities.


Mohsin Ali Shirazi, Treasurer

Mr. Mohsin Shirazi, has secured his Master’s Degree in International Marketing in 2004. He studied at the prestigious University of Strathclyde in Scotland, U. K and at the Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, U.K.

He started his career with a telecom company at the age of 17 and then went on to become India’s first electric car’s first sales executive. An opportunity to launch the REVA car was a great accomplishment. Currently he runs the largest distribution business for Pepsico in the state of Karnataka and also deals with Persian carpets and tapestries.

Mr. Shirazi is an executive member of Imamia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a Joint Secretary of JIBA Bangalore.

He is also involved with charitable works of the World Federation and Sajjadiya Trust (Canada). He works as a volunteer with Imamia Education and Welfare Trust (IEWT) in the department of scholarship.


Rahul Purushotham Rao, Director

Mr. Rahul Purushotham Rao spearheads Hitze, a company that manufactures steam boilers with an elite list of clients to boast of. The company has supplied boilers to various government agencies and has executed a supply of more than 300 boilers under rate contract with the Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, and Government of India. Mr. Rao has a Bachelors & Master’s Degree with specialization in heat transfer from Oklahoma State University, USA. He has papers published in ASME journals regarding heat transfer in tubes during his Masters.

He has worked as a Design Manager for the SPT group based in the Middle East (UAE) which provides customized blasting & painting solutions building machines that are supplied globally.


Syed Zamin Raza, Director

Mr. Syed Zamin Raza is the Managing Director of the Zain group of companies. Under this group we have Zain Exports, United Diamonds, Rayan Jewellery, Forever 21 Gems and Jewellery and Zain Properties. Mr. Syed’s rich experience in various fields can usher in prosperous trade through the Indo-Iran Commerce and Industry. His proven track record is likely to benefit the Chamber immensely.


Dr Ameer Ali Badami, Director

Dr Ameer Ali Badami brings with him a rich experience of 27 years in the healthcare industry. Dr Badami is a senior consultant Physician with MD in Internal Medicine from the prestigious Bangalore Medical College. He is visiting consultant as Altus Diagnostic Center, Bangalore and Head of Department of Medicine in Al-Ameen Hospital, Bangalore, India

He is able to strongly guide the Chamber in promoting exports of essential drugs for various diseases like Cancer, Thallesemia, Diabetes, Heart Disease etc.

Dr Badami with his rich experience can also help facilitate exports of medical equipment, CT scan, MRI scan, ultrasound machines, cardiac cath lab equipment etc.

His experience can also be useful in promoting heath tourism, should Iranians wish to visit world-class hospitals in India for treatment.


Syed Hakim Raza, Director

Syed Hakim Raza is associated with a wide range of companies including Arshan Building Products Pvt Ltd, Ferrocement Advance Construction, Jewels De Razas, Montura Corporation, Noble School, Raza’s Jewels.

Mr. Raza has a wide experience across various sectors of the economy, which is likely to be of immense value to the Chamber.

Husain Mohammed Karachiwala, Director

Mr. Husain Mohammed Karachiwala oversees the business of Sunny Foods. This company is in the business of processing & marketing of chicken & meat products. It also deals in animal feed poultry medicine, vaccines & equipment. The company is also an exporter of buffalo meat & poultry meat. Sunny Foods is also engaged in processing chicken products like sausages, salami, nuggets etc. Mr. Karachiwala brings on board an important area of expertise for the Indo-Iran Chamber of Commerce.


Syed Ibne Hussain, Director

Syed Ibne Hussain is the Managing Director of Nikhaar. This company started retail operations in 2005, but its parent companies Hassan Gems & Moguldiam situated in the major diamond
trading centres of the world have been taking great pride in assisting jewelers across the world in creating awe aspiring pieces of jewellery for many decades. In a shot span Nikhaar has built strong brand equity, with superb customer service being at the zenith of this. Nikhaar aspires to be the leading creative jewellery destination offering around the globe.

Clearly, a highly accomplished team at the Indo-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry is likely to ensure that the Chamber is all geared to fulfill its objectives for the benefits of all its members.

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