Trade of goods and services between India and Iran has been increasing at a very fast pace with total trade between the two countries to the tune of $10539.72 million (April-Dec 2013). This makes it necessary to have an established Chamber of Commerce and Industry between the two countries.

The Indo-Iran chamber of Commerce and Industry has thus been established to boost the growing trade between India and Iran.

The Chamber intends to be an apex organization for facilitating the same and greatly enhancing the ties between the two countries, by encouraging debate, articulating the private sector’s views and influencing policy.

The Indo-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry intends to be the voice of the business community that intends to have trade between India and Iran.

Ways and means

The Chamber plans to achieve this in several ways. It plans to host seminars that would enable businessmen from the two countries come together. This would help promote dialogue and help look at areas of partnership between the two sets of business fraternity. The Indo Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry would also look at possibilities to deliberate and analyze hurdles that are preventing the free flow of exchange of goods and capital between the two countries.

Apart from seminars the Chamber also intends to organize conferences that would help share innovations in technologies and services across various industries. The seminars would also enable members from both the countries to seek common areas and priorities for collaboration and to strengthen their partnerships. This would also help foster ability and greater understanding of sustainable development issues.  Individuals could also thrash out grievances and issues at such seminars.

Members would also be able to share an understand of emerging global trends across various industries like as mining, petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical, medicine, agriculture, innovation and information technology, construction and infrastructure, automotive, education, biotechnology, banking, apparel and accessories, telecommunication, publishing, health and sports, aerospace, broadcasting, and tourism.

Focus would also be given on sharing information through detailed industry reports. These industry reports would serve as a ready reckoner for a member who intends to do business in a particular industry. For example, a detailed industry report on healthcare in Iran would enable easy access to information to Indian companies planning to export their healthcare services to Iran. Similarly, since India imports Urea from Iran, reports and knowledge could be shared on the demand, supply and other statistics that are vital to help Iranian exports of Urea into India.

The Chamber would also facilitate human resources development across both India and Iran. This would enable Indians seeking employment opportunities in Iran and vice versa.

The Indo-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry could also develop rules to establish just and equitable principles in trade between the two countries. This could be by way of formulating a code or codes of practice to facilitate transaction of business. Members could also help maintain uniformity in rules, regulations and usages of trade.

Clearly, the Indo Iran chamber of Commerce and Industry plans to develop, enhance and bring about opportunities to enhance trade ties between Iran and India.

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